Julian Record Joins Ampleforth Abbey Trust’s Property Committee

We are pleased to announce that Julian Record has recently joined Ampleforth Abbey Trust’s Property Committee which is responsible for governance and oversight of the Trust’s property assets which include Ampleforth College, St Martin’s Ampleforth, St Benet’s Hall, Oxford, the Parishes and the various trading activities undertaken by Ampleforth Abbey Trading Limited.

The role will also include oversight of the Trust’ £15m capital development programme planned for the next five years which includes further improvements to Ampleforth College’s accommodation buildings, the Monastery and the Abbey Church which sits at the heart of the Ampleforth community.

“I am delighted to have been asked to join this committee and use my diverse skills and experience to help the Trust bring forward their estate development programme in the most cost effective manner and with the least risk”

Julian was asked to join the committee to in order provide construction expertise and help the Trust act in a more intelligent manner on future projects.