Defects Diagnosis & Repair

Building Defects Diagnosis

Building Defects Diagnosis is one of the Building Surveyor’s core specialisms.

We understand buildings. How they can go wrong and what building repair is required.  Buildings are becoming increasing technical, adopting innovative and unique construction techniques which are constantly evolving, therefore requiring better technical understanding.

Few buildings are free of defects in one form or another. The scientific and technical analysis of building defects is necessary to understand the cause of the component failure or breakdown, as well as the durability, strength and condition of the building elements.

We are able to inspect building defects, advice on any specific scientific testing which may be required for final diagnosis, then recommend the right building repair for your circumstances taking account of costs, likely success, access and egress, residual risks and your plans for the property. We can also provide technical due diligence in relation to an assessment of failure, or non-compliance with specification, as part of a dispute resolution or litigation situation.

Our experience spans from traditional construction techniques to the most cutting edge. Proactively dealing with a defect is essential to prevent long-term deterioration and significant consequential costs.

From our base in Shropshire we cover a broad geographic area which includes Mid Wales, the East Midlands and West Midlands and all the town and cities including Welshpool, Shrewsbury, Chester, Telford, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry – though we have taken on larger commissions from further afield.  If you are in any doubt just ask and we would be delighted to assist.


Julian Record has been a huge asset on the Abbey Stadium Leisure Centre project having advised the Council from the outset on the business case and the selection of the preferred development option though to agreeing a procurement strategy which addressed the key project risks and optimised value for money, competently administering the construction contract and ensuring that the right quality levels were being achieved. It was immensely pleasing to have completed this project on programme and within budget which has in large part been down to Julian Record and his team’s knowledge, experience and tenacity

John Godwin | Head of Service Leisure and Cultural Services Bromsgrove District & Redditch Borough Councils TESTIMONIALS

Thankyou for the Schedule of Condition you produced which was extremely comprehensive, well laid out and flagged more issues than we were aware. It will certainly protect us from having to address these issues ourselves at lease termination!

We were particularly pleased with your advice on the fit out of the space and how the layout should be changed to suit the growing needs of our business, provide better space utilisation, ventilation and natural light.

Julian Smout | Managing Director, Verve Graphic Design and Marketing TESTIMONIALS

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